2021 Update to the Retention and Disposition Schedule for UNC System Institutions

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect the new URLs on the website of the State Archives of North Carolina.

After consultation with university records officers and other subject matter experts, we made some amendments to the 2018 records retention and disposition schedule for UNC system institutions.  The amendments have been incorporated into the PDF version of the schedule, and this update can be found on our website at https://archives.ncdcr.gov/government/higher-education-institutions/university-north-carolina-general-records-retention-and-disposition-schedule. The items were renumbered to reflect the following additions. (NOTE: A change to a DI means a change to the disposition instructions.)

  • Added to description of Administrative Records (Standard 1, Item 3) information and statistics compiled/analyzed for operational purposes
  • Added to Audit Records (Standard 1, Item 5) a DI for PCI attestation reports and clarified the trigger for the disposition of corrective measures
  • Clarified description for Disaster and Emergency Recovery Records (Standard 1, Item 16)
  • Expanded the description of Reports (Standard 1, Item 35)
  • Added two items to Facilities Records (Standard 4)
    • Fuel Oil Storage Tank Records (new Item 11)
    • Loss Control Inspection Reports (new Item 14)
  • Clarified the DI for Fixity Checks (Standard 7, Item 8)
  • Amended two series to reflect the requirements that recently went into effect regarding the retention of sexual harassment investigations and related training materials (34 CFR 106.45(b)(10)):
    • Administrative Investigations (Standard 10, Item 1)
    • Training Records (Standard 10, Item 47)
  • Added licenses to the description of Certifications and Qualifications (Standard 10, Item 10)
  • Amended the description of the Leave File (Standard 10, Item 29) to include records concerning parental leave
  • Added a new series for Class Recordings (Standard 12, new Item 5), which includes recordings made on virtual platforms like Zoom
  • Amended the disposition instructions for FERPA Compliance Records (Standard 12, Item 16) to allow for the destruction of superseded waivers for right of access

The university records officer or archivist will sign the acknowledgment found on the signature pages of the schedule. If you have any questions about these updates, please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail.

For a brochure listing the archival records found on this schedule, click here.  You can also find on our website (https://archives.ncdcr.gov/government/rm-tools#forms-and-templates) some records management forms tailored for institutions of higher education.  If there are legacy records that are not addressed by the current retention and disposition schedule, an institution may submit the request for disposal of unscheduled records.  If there are records actively being received and/or created by an institution that are not on the schedule, an institution should submit a request to change the system retention and disposition schedule.  Once an institution (or an entity within said institution) has an electronic records policy approved by the Government Records Section, they can use the Authorization to Destroy Paper Records to document records that are scanned and retained electronically.