New Retention and Disposition Schedule for UNC System Institutions

I am happy to report that after several years of work with representatives from the campuses, there is a new retention and disposition schedule for UNC system institutions.  You can find it on our website at

This update both incorporates some new records series that were not a part of the 2007 schedule and amends the disposition instructions for a number of other series in order to reflect new recordkeeping practices and requirements.  Here are some of the most significant changes:

  • There’s now a section that addresses the records related to grants and research.
  • There’s now a section that addresses legal records.
  • Clarifications were made about which records should transfer to the University Archives for permanent preservation.
  • Additions were made to address the records created by campuses who offer educational opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Additions were made to address the records related to volunteers, interns, and contract workers on campus.
  • A number of series were added to the Facilities section to address activities and reporting required of the campuses.
  • A number of series were added to the Student Academic and Curriculum and Instruction section to address records that had not been included on the previous schedule.

The university records officer or archivist should sign the acknowledgment found on the signature page of the schedule and submit it to me via e-mail or USPS (4615 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC  27699-4615).

The schedule is organized primarily by function.  Each of the 17 campuses may vary in how they delegate roles and responsibilities, so this schedule does not attempt to identify which specific office is responsible for maintaining a particular record.  You may find it useful to document these responsibilities on your campus using a file plan; you can find a sample on our website.

You can also find on our website ( some records management forms tailored for institutions of higher education.  If there are legacy records that are not addressed by the current retention and disposition schedule, an institution may submit the request for disposal of unscheduled records.  If there are records actively being received and/or created by an institution that are not on the schedule, an institution should submit a request for change in the institution’s records schedule.  Once an institution (or an entity within said institution) has an electronic records policy approved by the Government Records Section, they can use the Authorization to Destroy Paper Records to document records that are scanned and retained electronically.