Functions of North Carolina State Agencies

Each state agency is signing its approval to the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies.  A major part of this signature process is the identification of which of the 16 functions of state government are relevant to that particular agency.

pie chart illustrating functions of state governmentYou can find a description of each function on our website.

Part of the new procedures in place with this functional schedule are an annual review of the records being created and received by agencies, to identify any necessary amendments to the schedule.  By having a summary of which agencies carry out each function, it will be simple to determine which agencies need to be notified if there is a change to the Law Enforcement schedule, for example.

agency functions designated on 2017 schedule

Take a look at the yellow dots – you may be surprised at how many state agencies have law enforcement responsibilities. You can also find the complete list of agencies and functions on our website, should you wish to inspect it more closely.