Uniqueness Among Commonalities

When the State Archives of North Carolina decided to change our system for scheduling state agency records to a functional analysis approach, we sought to identify the records that numerous agencies share in common and assign consistent disposition instructions to those records.  Yet we also recognized there are some records that are created or received by only one state agency.  According to General Statute § 132-3, no public record can be destroyed without the consent of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, so we needed to devise a mechanism for incorporating these unique records into our Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies.

The solution was to designate these records in the appropriate function while indicating their uniqueness with a distinct border around the description and disposition instructions.  The name of the custodial agency for these records is also identified in the description.  For example,

RC No. 1421.A from the Functional Schedulethe Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for handling state adoption cases.  This record type is found on the Public Assistance and Support Services schedule.

If you are interested in seeing a list of all unique records identified within the functional schedule, you can access a spreadsheet on our website.  This spreadsheet is organized according to Records Control Number, but it can also be sorted by custodial agency.