2019 Update to Records Schedule for Local Health Departments

The 2019 update to the Local Health Departments records retention and disposition schedule has been authorized and is available on our website for access and approval.  To approve the schedule, the director of your county’s health department and the chair of its governing board should sign the schedule on page ii.  Please send a copy of your signature to the Government Records Section at the address or fax number below or email a copy to a Records Management Analyst.

Government Records Section
4615 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC  27699-4615
Fax: 919.715.3627

This update was begun by my colleague, Kurt Brenneman, and I picked up the flag when he left our ranks.  Throughout the process, we have received very helpful input from many groups within the Division of Public Health at DHHS as well as from local health departments.  We greatly appreciate your feedback and comments during the development of the new schedule.  To the best of our knowledge, this update addresses any changes in state or federal regulations that affect the creation or retention of records.  It also makes it more obvious that any records related to grant-funded programs are subject to the grants retention schedule produced by the DHHS Office of the Controller.  And it notes database systems operated by DHHS into which local health departments are required to input records, such as the Crossroads WIC System and the North Carolina Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NC EDSS).

To facilitate the transition to this new schedule, I’ve created a log that lists the changes from the 2007 edition to the new schedule, including changes made to existing records series, new series that we added, and series that we deleted.  However, there is a change that’s not documented in this log.  As we announced last fall, we’ve moved to having a General Records Schedule for all local government agencies.  You can find more information about this in the posts my colleague, Emily Sweitzer, has written:

If you have any questions about this new schedule for Local Health Departments, please contact the Government Records Section at (919) 814-6900.