FAQ: Permanent (Appraisal Required)

In the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies, you sometimes find this in the disposition instructions:

Permanent (appraisal required)

In the glossary, we explain the process that will be followed for these records:

flowchart for appraisal process

When these records no longer have administrative value in office, the agency will contact the Government Records Section so the records can be appraised by a records analyst and an appraisal archivist.  (See our previous post for an explanation of administrative value.)  These individuals will determine whether the records should be retained in office permanently or transferred to the custody of the State Archives of North Carolina.

In some cases, these decisions have already been made and the records series have been incorporated into the appendix.  So if you find records from an “appraisal required” series listed in the appendix, you can rightly assume that the appraisal indicated these records should be retained permanently at the State Archives.

appendix listing for RC No. 1544.P

If you’re interested in learning more about appraisal at the State Archives of North Carolina, stay tuned to this blog.  We’re launching a new Appraisal 101 series that will consider topics such as:

  • Defining “Statewide Significance”
  • Audiovisual Materials
  • Grants Received
  • Agency Histories
  • Reappraisal