FAQ: Security Storage

What’s the meaning of the © on the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies?

Some records series have these disposition instructions in the appendix:

Transfer to the State Records Center when reference value ends for permanent security storage.

These records will be stored permanently at the State Records Center, but they will never be accessioned by the State Archives.  Instead, they will remain in the legal custody of the originating agency, and only that agency will be able to grant access to these records.  Most often, this designation of security storage indicates the records are valuable primarily to the creating agency and/or that the originating agency is best equipped to determine who, if anyone, outside the agency should be allowed to access the records.

Here are the record types on the functional schedule that carry this security storage disposition instruction:
There are also a couple groups of minutes from Governing and Advisory Bodies (RC No. 635.P, Group 2P and Group 2M) that are sent to the State Records Center for security storage.  In these cases, the original minutes are retained in office permanently, but the agency sends copies to the State Records Center for safekeeping in case something happens to the originals.  If the quantity is relatively large, the records will be microfilmed and the microfilm retained permanently instead of the paper records, but the legal custody of the records still remains with the originating agency.


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