Addendum to Minutes of Public Bodies Blog Post

The Government Records Section has recently received feedback on our Minutes of Public Bodies entry, originally posted on Monday, February 26.  This feedback expressed concern that we were attempting to standardize and dictate the way in which minutes should be compiled in agency offices.  This was not our intent, and we apologize for any confusion in this matter.

The intent of the blog post was not to rewrite or reinterpret the General Statutes but to simply provide a listing of best practices and guidance for what should be transferred for permanent preservation based upon the open meeting statutes.  In the past, there have been many instances of the Archives receiving either incomplete minutes or minutes containing various documents that are not actually part of the minutes themselves.  It is important for us to collect and retain a set of comprehensive minutes that reflect the actions taken by state and local governments in the transaction of public business.  It is our hope that this additional guidance will be of assistance.

For further information, you may also reference the UNC School of Government blog Coates’ Canons, which offers many invaluable posts specifically related to creating and maintaining minutes of by public bodies.

You may also contact me, Mark Holland, at (919) 807-7358 or or Becky McGee-Lankford, Assistant State Records Administrator, at (919) 807-7353 or