Looking Back on State Government Social Media

Would your North Carolina state agency like to preserve its social media posts? You can look into the distant past of social media and see how your agency’s social media presence has evolved. The State Archives captures North Carolina state government social media, but we need your help to make sure your social media output is archived for posterity. For the results of our archiving, check out the State of North Carolina Social Media Archive.

As explained in our Best Practices for State Agency Social Media Usage in North Carolina Version 2.0, if you are a state agency and would like us to archive your agency’s social media, provide us with a prioritized list of your active account domain names. Rank your most active and information-rich social media account highest and from there list your accounts in descending order of activity and amount of information. Include the administrator’s name and contact information for each account. With this information, we can select which social media accounts to archive.

Please do not delete any information or communication threads before archival harvesting has been completed. If you are unsure whether your social media is being archived, please contact your records analyst.

To use our State of North Carolina Social Media Archive, start with Quick Search and type a keyword to search across our archive of social media sites. Switch to Advanced Search and search within date ranges, choose from social media sites, or deploy more sophisticated word searches, including search by account name. For example, use @NCStateFair for the Twitter posts of the North Carolina State Fair.

While you explore our archiving of your agency’s social media posts, make sure that the State Archives is also archiving your agency’s website. On the same web page, search the North Carolina State Government Web Site Archive for your agency. The State Government Web Site Archive contains North Carolina state government agency, licensing board, and commission web pages dating back to 1996. If you are unsure  whether your website is being archived, please contact your records management analyst.