Moore County Transfer: Court Records

Although we here at the State Archives are facilitating records transfers all day, every day, it’s particularly noteworthy when the holdings for a state or local agency are more than doubled (in this case, octupled!) by a transfer. We’re pleased to announce that this month, Moore County has transferred 217 cubic feet of valuable court, estate, and miscellaneous records to the State Archives. These include, but are not remotely limited to,

  • Special Proceedings [including Wills] (1864-1957)
  • Minute Dockets, Superior Court (1835-1967)
  • Judgment Dockets, Superior Court (1869-1954)
  • Judgment Dockets, Land Tax Sales (1930-1951)
  • Civil Case Files (1900s-1952)
  • Record of Accounts (1859-1954)
  • Record of Settlements (1869-1957)
  • Record of Orders and Decrees (1868-1957)

We’re excited to have the opportunity to preserve and provide access to so many of Moore County’s valuable court records.

PLEASE NOTE: These records are available through the State Archive’s Search Room but will require advance notice. If you have any questions or would like access to the Moore County records, please email



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