Functional Schedule Meetings for Occupational Licensing Boards

As those of our readers who have been following our Functional Scheduling Initiative will know, we are planning for the 16 new functional schedule to go into effect Fall of 2017, superseding all current schedules for state agencies.  Consequently, the Records Analysis Unit is beginning to contact state agency Chief Records Officers now to discuss cross-walking their current schedules to the new functional model, over the course of late spring and summer.

Independent boards and commissions, however, typically do not have a Chief Records Officer.  Moreover, Occupational Licensing Boards and other independent boards that monitor members of a profession often perform the same types of functions for different populations within the state.  As a result, we will be holding four meetings in June just for these boards, to discuss how the new functional schedules align with the types of records they create and maintain.

Here are the current dates and times we are planning to meet:

Tuesday, June 6, 9-11 am
Thursday, June 8, 1-3 pm
Tuesday, June 13, 9-11 am
Wednesday, June 14, 1-3 pm

Meetings will be held at the State Records Center, 215 N. Blount St., Raleigh.  Employees and officials who are interested in attending one of these meetings should contact Emily Sweitzer at or 919-807-7360.

We are also aware that some boards are located far from Raleigh, or may not have the resources for employee travel.  These boards, as well as any boards that are not able to attend on any of the dates listed above, should contact Emily to set up a one-on-one meeting or phone call.

While these meetings are intended for independent occupational licensing boards, a small minority of Occupational Licensing Boards exist legally and administratively within the framework of another agency (e.g. Department of Insurance, Department of Environmental Quality).  Administrators of these boards are welcome to sign up for and attend one of these meetings, but should also contact their Chief Records Officers to discuss how this will fit into the broader initiative of agency schedule crosswalks.

Finally, independent boards and commissions that do not have an occupational licensing function (e.g. North Carolina State Lottery Commission, Golden Leaf Foundation) may contact Emily for an individual meeting if they want to get a head start on planning the transition to the new schedules.  Otherwise, these boards can expect to be contacted within the next month (May 2017).