Local Government Minutes Microfilming Questions & Answers

We answer questions prompted by our blogpost on Microfilming Local Board Minutes from October:

Do you know when my minutes were last microfilmed? Yes! The State Archives catalogs all microfilmed minutes. Just e-mail or call and we will e-mail you a report of our holdings of the microfilmed minutes of your municipality or county.

What is your charge for microfilming my minutes? The basic cost is $16.00 for a reel of silver-halide original microfilm. A reel contains 2,400 page images.

The total cost will depend upon the number of pages and whether you order copies of the page images on microfilm or DVD. If you are catching up on your microfilming or you want copies of already microfilmed minutes, we can estimate the cost in advance.

We send the minutes of our governing board to the State Archives for microfilming. Should we also microfilm the minutes of other advisory boards and committees, such as our Centennial Committee? We microfilm the minutes of all major decision-making boards and commissions and their subsidiary boards. Subsidiary boards are boards that exercise or are authorized to exercise legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, or administrative functions.

We also microfilm minutes of advisory boards and committees. If the minutes are not microfilmed with the minutes of a parent board then we recommend microfilming.

Can we send electronic files of our minutes for microfilming? Yes! Please contact Emily Sweitzer at emily.sweitzer@ncdcr.gov or 919-807-7360 to request instructions for sending electronic files.