Benchmarks for the Functional Schedules

Today we entered the next phase of our project to develop functional schedules for state agencies in North Carolina.  For a refresher on the guiding principles of this functional analysis, look back to our May post or our YouTube overview.

benchmarksDrafting Schedules

Courtney Bailey and Kyna Herzinger are taking the lead in drafting these new functional schedules.  We consult relevant existing items on agency program schedules and on the General Schedule for State Agency Records.  We also research schedules from other states that have embraced functional schedules, we investigate state and federal statutes regulating the creation, retention, and confidentiality of records, and we review best practices from organizations such as the National Archives and Records Administration and ARMA International.  We intend to create schedules that are easy to implement by state agency employees, that appropriately identify records of enduring value that need to be preserved permanently, and that model best practices in archives and records management.

The schedules that will be drafted by December 2016 are:

  • Public Relations
  • Agency Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Law Enforcement
  • Monitoring and Compliance

Each of these schedule drafts will go through four steps before a final version is prepared:

stepsRecords analysts in the Government Records Section, in concert with the Chief Records Officers (CROs) of state agencies, proposed a list of individuals who are expertly qualified to review the draft of particular functions and record types.  A group convened at the State Records Center today to review the new Public Relations function.

Armed with feedback and clarifications from the expert stakeholders, we will polish the draft and share it with our colleagues at the State Archives, looking for insights about electronic records management, records storage and retrieval, and archival access.

This vetted draft will then be posted on this blog, allowing a broader audience to provide feedback.

Finally, records analysts and CROs have also generated a list of new employees who can be called upon to review the schedule for usability by someone who is relatively new both to the functions of state government and to the retention and disposition of public records in North Carolina.


These schedules will supersede the current agency program schedules and the General Schedule for State Agency Records, so we will provide both general training and specific assistance to state agencies as we transition to these new schedules.

Updates to Existing Schedules

With the short timeframe outlined above, new priorities for records analysts in the Government Records Section are necessary.  Our work on existing records retention and disposition schedules will give priority to certain things:

  • amendments needed because retention requirements have changed
  • new records series needed to reflect the work required of the agency
  • amendments needed to guarantee that records of enduring value transfer to the State Archives

Other sorts of changes, such as name changes to reflect a new organizational hierarchy, are not likely to be addressed because that work will shortly be deprecated by the new functional schedules.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please feel free to contact the project leads, Courtney Bailey and Kyna Herzinger, or Becky McGee-Lankford, the section chief of Government Records.


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