Oddities in the Governor’s Papers

        As Governors’ Records Archivist, I sometimes encounter not only routine letters from constituents while processing the Governor’s correspondence, but artifacts as well.  Occasionally to illustrate their point, citizens will enclose objects or mementos in their letters to the Governor. Some of these objects can be quite unusual.  Recently, while processing 2000 General Correspondence concerning roads from Governor James B. Hunt’s final administration, I came across a letter from a citizen in Yadkinville, NC requesting the State of North Carolina to maintain the road in his subdivision.  The letter also invited Governor Hunt to attend a meeting on the issue in Yadkinville in October, 2000.  Along with a videotape showing the condition of the road, the constituent included an envelope containing a small piece of actual road pavement.  And just in case you’re wondering, we didn’t preserve the piece of asphalt in the processed Governor’s correspondence.

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