More oddities in the Governor’s Papers

     In the same vein as my previous post, many vendors will solicit the Governor with products or services through correspondence sent to his office. Some of these solicitations can be quite inventive, or even startling at times.  Recently, while processing the 2000 General Correspondence of Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., I encountered a vendor letter dated June, 2000, accompanied by a small square box.  The letter came from a technology company in Charlotte, NC, offering to perform a security appraisal of the State’s computer system.  The box contained a folded brochure textured to realistically resemble a rattlesnake skin.  To add authenticity, the brochure also included a genuine rattlesnake rattle attached to the end of it.  Needless to say, the brochure had its intended effect when the box was opened!  It is a humorous reminder of the oddities which archivists sometimes encounter when processing collections.

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