Miscellaneous Records Finding Aids Added to State Archives Website

Many people are familiar with several records created and maintained by the Clerks of Court and Register of Deeds of each county including wills, deed books, estate files, and court minutes. The State Archives of North Carolina has received and made available many of these records for genealogists, lawyers and other researchers. However, people are less familiar with another series of records available for each county – the Miscellaneous Records Series. Miscellaneous Records contains a variety of records including those that do not fall easily into the main record categories as well as those that were in too small of a quantity to be cataloged separately. Examples are records of slaves and free persons of color; bills of sale; promissory notes; canal and drainage records; shipping and fishing records; mill records; mining records; timber records; powers of attorney; grand jury records; and witness tickets. Many records may be peculiar to one or two counties.  This series contains some very unique and interesting records and the miscellaneous finding aids often contain very descriptive information about the records they catalog. For example Alexander County has two records titled Use of Liquor for Politics, 1886 and Selling Liquor on Election Day, 1873-1883 for anyone interested in political science and election history. Alleghany County has a record about patents for clothespins, 1903. Anson County has a record of a Request to pay John Rutherford for services in scouting parties against Indians, 1764. These are just a few examples of the remarkable records available in the Miscellaneous Series. Previously, the container list for the Miscellaneous Series was only available through MARS and the card catalog. Now all of the Miscellaneous Records Finding aids are available here on the State Archives Website. So, if you are looking for something specific or just want to peruse some interesting county records, check out the Miscellaneous Finding Aids. As always, these records can be requested in the Search Room or through our online request portal. Happy Browsing!