UNC School of Government’s New Online Database of Social Services Records Confidentiality Laws

Aimee Wall and the UNC School of Government announced the publication of Ms. Wall’s new book, Disclosing Protective Services Information: A Guide for North Carolina Social Services Agencies. In her book, Ms. Wall analyzes “many of the key federal and state confidentiality laws that apply to disclosure of protective services information by county departments of social services.”

To accompany the book’s publication, Ms. Wall prepared an online database for researching the confidentiality of social services records. Here is her announcement:

My confidentiality book is now available for purchase through our website or in our bookstore. … The content is fairly narrow in scope – it focuses exclusively on disclosing protective services information. I plan to generate other publications down the road addressing other areas of confidentiality but this seemed like a good starting point.

I also wanted to call your attention to the confidentiality database that I’ve been working on that I hope will serve as a companion to the book. Some of you may recall a paper written by John Saxon called An Index to Social Services Confidentiality Laws. I’ve updated the research and moved it online into this searchable tool. This is very much a work in progress. I’ll be revising some of the tagging and summaries and adding resources over time.  My hope is that this will be a useful research tool for you but I need your help to clean it up and tweak it.  Please send me any suggested edits or additions that you identify. You can find the database here:  https://https://www.sog.unc.edu/css-research-tool

Our go-to source for the interpretation of North Carolina public records confidentiality laws is the UNC School of Government, and we are excited about this new tool for the navigation of the important confidentiality laws that affect social services records.