New State Agency Records Processed in Conjunction with the Creation of the STEM Digital Collection on NCDC

A map drawn as part of the initial survey to assess the electrical needs of North Carolina counties, 1934.

A map drawn as part of the initial survey to assess the electrical needs of North Carolina counties, 1934. (Mars 50.12, Rural Electrification Authority RG, Letters and Info. — 1934 Survey)

In conjunction with the new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Digital Collection recently launched by NCDC, we have processed the following state agency series that have records sampled in the digital collection.

Board of Science and Technology Record Group. Scientific Equipment File (MARS Id: 124.2 (Series))

North Carolina Board of Science and Technology identified and fostered important research needs of the state’s public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations. The Scientific Equipment File contains Correspondence, committee reports, audiotapes, and other information regarding the scientific equipment survey conducted in the colleges and universities of the state from 1980 to 1983.

Health Services Record Group. Health Services Laboratory Section: Sanitary (Engineering) Surveys File (MARS Id: 93.13 (Series))

The Board of Health Services concerned itself with many things including the accessibility and sanitation of safe drinking water for North Carolina citizens. The Sanitary Engineering Surveys File contains Surveys of sources for community water supplies and information on the water supply needs of North Carolina communities from 1917-1921.

Rural Electrification Authority Record Group

In 1934, North Carolina began a statewide electrification program supported heavily by farmers and rural citizens who had the most need. The program was supported by the Emergency Relief Administration.

County Survey File (MARS Id: 50.7 (Series))

This series contains correspondence, loose maps and map volumes concerning county surveys documenting the community need and geographic feasibility of providing electricity to rural area from 1934 to 1966.

Letters and Information — 1934 Survey (MARS Id: 50.12 (Series))

This series contains weekly reports and correspondence with individuals wanting electric service from 1934-1935.

Requests for Electric Service (MARS Id: 50.9 (Series))

This series contains correspondence, maps, and requests for service from rural residents and  county agricultural agents from 1949-1953.

A sampling of these materials are available in the STEM Digital Collection, and the original records are available in the search room at the State Archives of North Carolina. These materials are housed offsite at the State Records Center and require additional time to pull for access.