Government Records Section: Service Statistics for FY: 2014-2015

Here is a fiscal year end overview of the operations of the Government Records Section.

The Government Records Section has a total staff of 22, including one staff member in Asheville. There are three units: Records Analysis, Records Description, and State Agency Services. The State Records Center and 2 annexes are part of the Government Records Section.

The Section started a blog entitled, “The G.S. 132 Files” in July 2012. It provides records management guidance to government employees. This past fiscal year we added 35 posts and received 16,291 page loads. The blog has been well received by government officials.

 State Agency Services Unit

The State Records Center has 7 staff members who bring in and accession records, remove records scheduled for destruction, and retrieve records of agencies stored in our Section.  We have 3 storage facilities for the storage of records. The Old Record Center was opened in 1953, and continues to be an active storage facility. The State Records Center was opened in 1975 as a facility specifically built for the storage of semi-current state agency record, and also houses the staff of the Government Records Section. In response to the need for additional storage space in 2000 an annex was added at a leased warehouse. We moved to a new leased space this year. We moved approximately 37,116 cu. ft. of records to the new facility. Archival records are stored in two facilities since the archival stacks in the State Archives building have reached capacity. Our three facilities currently hold approximately 205,799 cu. ft. of records.

In FY 2014-2015, the State Agency Services Unit:

  • Processed 5,207 records requests (state and local).
  • Received 8,197 cu. ft. of state agency records for storage.
  • Destroyed 14,565 cu. ft. of records according to proper retention schedule instructions and agency approval.
  • Received 717 visitors to the Records Center

Records Analysis Unit

There are 7 records analysts assigned to this unit. The records management analyst is primarily responsible for: providing records management services to public officials; consulting on creation, maintenance, and disposition of records, including electonic records; drafting and amending state and local retention and disposition schedules; conducting records management workshops; collaborating with Division staff and state and local officials on developing best practices for the management of government records; and assisting in the transfer permanently valuable records to the state archives for permanent preservation.

In FY 2014-2015, the records analysts:

  • Completed the scheduling of 1,665 records series.
  • Responded to 4,052 records management inquiries.
  • Provided 55 records management workshops with 1,356 participants.

Records Description Unit

There are 6 archivists who process state agency and local records (including both paper and electronic formats) for the State Archives of North Carolina. The Governor’s archivist works closely with the Governor’s office and Section staff to ensure that the records of the Office of the Governor are transferred to and preserved by the State Archives of North Carolina.

In FY 2014-2015, the archivists:

  • Processed 559.7 cu. ft. of state and local government records.
  • Received 886.16 cu. ft. of permanently valuable record from agency custody.
  • Accessioned 1,724.3 cu. ft. of state and local records.
  • Volunteers contributed 3,659 hours to the preservation and increasing accessibility to the state and local records in our custody.