Online Tutorials

The State Archives of North Carolina has updated three of our existing online tutorials and has created a new one:

  • Managing E-mail as a Public Record for State Agencies has been updated.  This tutorial provides a brief overview of relevant General Statutes as well as Governor McCrory’s Executive Order 12.  It also offers guidance and tools for managing e-mail.  NOTE: State employees who wish to receive credit for viewing this tutorial should access it through the NC Learning Center portal available in BEACON.
  • Basics of Public Records Management for State Agencies has also been updated.  This video introduces viewers to public records management in North Carolina state agencies.  It reviews the definition of a public record, identifies who may access public records, and describes how and when public records may be destroyed.  It also highlights the responsibilities of DCR to assist NC state agencies with records management and examines how the four values of records relate to retention.
  • Anatomy of the General Schedule and Program Schedule has been updated.  This tutorial discusses the General Schedule for State Agency Records alongside individualized Program Records Schedules, including what kinds of records are covered by each and how to read and use each schedule.
  • We are debuting a tutorial on Scanning State Agency Records.  This tutorial is designed to assist NC state agencies with implementing an imaging program.  It discusses the pros and cons of scanning, suggests procedures that need to be in place to make a scanning program successful, and provides an overview of relevant guidelines and training materials that are available from the State Archives of North Carolina.

If you are interested in additional training materials, you can access the playlist for Records Management for State Agencies, or you can look at all of the videos posted to YouTube by the State Archives of North Carolina.  You can also find a listing of our records management online tutorials on the State Archives of North Carolina website.

If you have a request for a new online tutorial or if you wish to schedule a face-to-face workshop, please contact a Records Analyst at the Government Records Section, 919-807-7350.