Writing a Public Records Management Manual

If you are responsible for the management of public records in a North Carolina unit of government, you may want to consider writing a manual as a means of educating your colleagues on public records management. A records management manual for North Carolina public records could include:

If you manage records for a state agency, include information for obtaining supplies (boxes, labels, and tape) and setting up transfers and deliveries with the State Records Center.

The purpose of a records management manual is “to provide a source of instruction and guidance for personnel who are responsible for creating, preparing, processing, storing, and disposing of records,” according to Robek, Brown, and Maedke in their book Information and Records Management.They also say a manual “should specify in detail the scope of the entire records management program of the organization, but also provide instructions for carrying out all aspects of the program.” A records management manual can cover many subjects and take many forms, so decide what your manual will be before you start writing it. The effort will be worth it!