Call Numbers for County Records at the State Archives

The County Records collection of the State Archives of North Carolina includes wills and estate files, tax scrolls, Superior Court judgment and minute dockets, and many more record series. In a previous blog post, I described one way to do a catalog search for archived county records. This post explains how to perform a call number search.

Begin at the State Archives’ public access catalog, MARS. If you have visited our catalog before, the page may default to the sort of search you last performed (Basic Search, Advanced Search, or Search by Call Number). Try selecting “Search by Call Number” in the blue box to the right of the screen:

select search by call number
For this example, select “Call Numbers starting” in the drop down box after “Search For:”

Call numbers starting

To retrieve search results for all the Alamance County records cataloged at the State Archives, enter CR.001. like in the image below and click “Search” :

Alamance Call Number search

Here are some of the results of that search:

Alamance search results

If you find a search result that interests you, click anywhere on that row (it will highlight in blue) to view more details. The call numbers are in the right-most column. These call numbers are useful if you are interested in requesting to view or obtain copies of archived records. Depending on how familiar you are with the county call numbers, you can then enter the call number for the county (such as “CR.001.” for all Alamance County records like in the example above), county and series group (“CR.001.5” for Alamance County estate and guardianship records), or the county and series code for a more specific hit (“CR.001.801.” for Alamance County wills). Check out our Visit Us page for more information.

Click to download a PDF key to the County Codes: County_Codes_ncarchives

Want more tips on how to use the MARS catalog? Visit our MARS tutorials on YouTube.


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