Pardon our dust…

State agency employees who commonly work with the Government Records Section, including Chief Records Officers, will find this news not-so-new: we are currently in the middle of moving one of the records warehouses that commonly stores state agency records.

Chief Records Officers have been notified which of their records are being directly affected by the move.  But even government agencies who do not have any records stored at this facility are going to be affected, because transferring these records in a timely and secure fashion is a high priority.  We are doing everything we can to maintain close to normal services during the move, and we appreciate your patience as we undertake this large records shift.

All agencies, state and local, should anticipate periodic delays to our normal services, such as schedule writing, workshops, supply deliveries, and records pick-ups.  Any services which require extended time away from the office, such as local workshops, site visits, or records pickups, may need to be delayed until after the move is complete.  Please contact a Records Analyst to see if we are able go to your agency, and, if not, to see what alternatives we might be able to offer.

Any agencies that have records stored, or currently scheduled for storage, at the State Records Center will be affected in some additional ways.

During the move, we will still:

  • Fulfill requests for records stored at the State Records Center (SRC) (215 N. Blount St.) and Old Records Center (ORC) (120 W. Jones St.) facilities, and will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. When you have time sensitive request, you will need to contact the SRC by phone and provide a detailed explanation for your rush request.  Do not leave a message on the answering machine or send your request through fax since we will be checking these once a day.
  • Receive records being returned to storage from the SRC and ORC. If you need a file a second time, please inform us if you have recently returned it to us.
  • Sell transfer supplies (boxes, tape, and labels). We will not be able to deliver boxes to agencies during the move. You will need to come to the SRC or ORC to pick up the order.  Please contact us prior to visiting to pick up your box order to ensure that staff will be available to assist with your pick up.

We will not send out personnel to pick-up (transfer) records during the move.  We will work with you to transfer records the SRC if you are moving out of your facility, as well as time critical issues.  You will need to provide us with a detailed explanation of your need, as well as be capable of delivering the records to the SRC.

If you have any questions about the move itself, please contact Laura Hensey, the head of State Agency Services, at or (919) 807-7361. If you need more immediate assistance, call our front desk at (919) 807-7350.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we complete this move.