Law Enforcement Audio & Video Recordings


With the increasing use of audio and video recordings in matters of law enforcement, the Government Records Section of the State Archive is putting forth for your review an amendment to address the retention of these records.

This amendment, which will affect both the Law Enforcement Standard of the Municipal schedule and the Program Operational Standard of the County Sheriffs schedule, is intended to better manage the copious data often generated by digital audio or video recordings such as body-worn or dashboard cameras.

We invite you to submit feedback on this amendment, which is below for quick reference:

    Tapes and digital recordings generated by mobile and fixed audio and video recording devices.
  • Disposition Instructions:
    a) Destroy in office after 30 days if not made part of a case file.
    b) If record is made part of a case file follow disposition instructions for CASE HISTORY FILE: FELONIES or CASE HISTORY FILE: MISDEMEANORS.
    c) If record is made part of a citizen complaint follow disposition instructions for CITIZEN COMPLAINTS/ADMINISTRATIVE INVESTIGATION RECORDS
    d) If record is made part of an internal investigation follow disposition instructions for INTERNAL AFFAIRS CASE RECORDS

You can find a link to the amendment under the “Drafts” section of the local schedules website.  The example we use on this webpage is for the Municipal Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, but we welcome feedback from both municipal and county employees.

Please submit any questions or comments by Monday, December 15th to or (919) 807-7366


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