The Art of Interfiles

Preparing records to be transferred to the State Records Center is an important task.


Files to be added to Box 15

Files need to be found, organized, and placed in boxes. The boxes need labels. Box lists need to be created. The boxes need to be sent off to the SRC, where they will be shelved and stored.

Here’s what to do when someone finds one more file – two years later.

Say you are responsible for transferring personnel files for your department. Those records should be retained in your office for 5 years before being transferred to the SRC, where they will be held for 25 additional years before being destroyed. In 2014, you’ll be preparing and transferring records dated 2008. As you are working, you find a file that is dated 2006.

Presuming that your office has made its transfers on an annual basis, you should prepare your 2008 files as normal. Notify us during the transfer process that you have a 2006 interfile. We will then take that file and attempt to add it to the records you transferred in 2012, simply inserting the file in alphabetical order. When you have added the file to your copy of the box list, you will have access to the file just as though it had been transferred back in 2012.


Box 15 is too full

When we attempt interfiles, the biggest challenge we have are boxes that are too full. The files pictured above were intended to go into box 15 of this transfer of personnel files. As you can see from the picture of the contents of box 15, it is too full to accommodate any additional material. Visible in this picture are three outcards, where other files were previously requested by the office and have not yet been returned. What little wiggle room there might be in this box is only there because there are three files temporarily missing.

As the two files here were both intended to be in box 15, we had to add a new box to this transfer and number it 15A. It will now be shelved somewhere else, apart from the original transfer, though our database will track it together with the original set.

In all of the services we provide agencies, we are able to accommodate most needs, even when the agency thinks it’s unusual. The more you tell us about your needs, the better able we are to assist you.