Readings in Records Management

Search Google for the phrase “records management” and you get 2.7 million hits. This post filters those results and highlights three hits with essential reading for state and local government records managers.

The Municipal Clerks Education Foundation, the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, and the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators publish a series of 16 Records Management Technical Bulletins that are found here. The Bulletins explain the “principles, policies, and guidelines” for good records management to government officials “who lack formal records management or archival training but who have custodial responsibility for records.” These Bulletins are especially helpful:

The second hit is Information Management magazine, published bimonthly by ARMA International, the association for records managers. Information Management is free on ARMA’s website. Articles dive into core records management topics, but also cover information governance, social media, and e-discovery. Three articles of note are:

Finally, a third hit is “5 Trends are Reshaping Records Management” by Cheryl McKinnon from the November/December 2013 edition of KMWorld magazine. While this article focuses on corporate records, its analysis of evolving technologies and their effect on records management is relevant to all practitioners.

So, skip Google and explore these resources, plus the “For Local and State Government” section of the State Archives of North Carolina’s website, to learn more about the expanding and evolving field of records management.