Tweet Delete, Delete All My Tweets, Tweeticide . . . is it ok to delete our Tweets?

At year end, we thought it would be good to repost this blog piece. We also archive social media accounts. You can find those at

The G.S. 132 Files

t-d-iconFor government agencies, Tweet Delete, Delete All My Tweets, Tweeticide, and similar apps can be a public records nightmare.  These tools are designed to help clean up your Twitter account by deleting all of the tweets from your account with a single click, or by automatically deleting all posts older than a specified age. Be warned: if your Twitter account has public records and it’s not being backed up, you may be inadvertently breaking public records law by deleting tweets in bulk.

Twitter can be confusing for government agencies and elected officials. If you are managing a work-related Twitter account, or if you post work-related tweets to your personal account, you’ll find the Best Practices for Local Government Social Media Usage in North Carolina and Best Practices for State Agency Social Media Usage in North Carolina helpful documents to navigate Twitter and other social media accounts. As you apply the information from…

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