Got any obsolete green General Statute books?

The North Carolina Legislative library has come up with a novel use for the General Statute books that are inevitably rendered obsolete with the next wave of session law.

According to their blog, if you guess the number of volumes that are in their tree, you can win a prize!

If you have a set of old General Statute books in your office and would like to create a similar decoration with the books, rest assured that the General Schedule for State Agency Records, the County Management Schedule, and the Municipal Schedule say that these records can be destroyed “when superseded or obsolete” (search the PDF text for “Publications Received” and you should be able to find it).

Admittedly, “repurposed into a festive holiday display” is not on the list of approved methods of destruction in the North Carolina Administrative Code, but since this doesn’t actually destroy the record text of the volumes, you are free to use one of the approved methods in January (provided that the volumes are, in fact, superseded or obsolete).

In the meantime, we at Government Records wish you a very merry holiday season.


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