New Records Management Tutorials

N_57_9_1 Archives employee filing-1957The Government Record Section recently posted on our website a series of online tutorials to assist state and local officials with the management of records routinely created in your office. These tutorials are designed as an introduction to records management principles and best practices. Through these tutorials you will become familiar with the structure, function, and purpose for the retention and disposition schedule created for your office.
Below I have provided a brief summary of each tutorial. Please take time to view each. Also, please feel free to contact you agency’s records management analyst with suggestions for future online tutorials and questions concern the management of records in your office.
Basics of Public Records Management for State Agencies
This introductory video tutorial covers the basics of public records law and records management for state agencies. It discusses the definition of a public record in North Carolina, the public’s right of access, and laws governing the destruction of public records. It also examines the changing values a record can have for state agencies and citizens of North Carolina. Total run time: 5:22.
Anatomy of the General Schedule & Program Schedules: A Guide on Retention and Disposition Schedules for State Agency and University Records
Anatomy of the General Schedule & Program Schedules is a short video tutorial that takes state agency and university employees through the two types of retention schedules that determine how long they must keep their records. It discusses the kinds of records included in each schedule, and how to find retention instructions within them both. Total run time: 3:51.
Guide to the NC Government Records Section: Short Introduction to the Resources Available to Help State Agencies Amend or Create Retention Schedules
This video tutorial describes the roles of Records Management Analysts at the State Archives of North Carolina, as well as Chief Records Officers and Records Liaisons within state agencies, in updating program records retention schedules. It then provides an overview of the process of creating or updating a program record schedule with the help of analysts, records officers, and liaisons. Total run time: 4:32.
State Agency Program Schedule Signature Page
This short video examines the signature page on state agency program records retention schedules. It goes through the document paragraph by paragraph to show what the agency and the Department of Cultural Resources are agreeing to by their signatures. Specifically, it addresses how to destroy records, the effect of audits and litigation on retention periods, records with reference value, and electronic records, as discussed on the signature page. Total run time: 3:46.
Understanding Disposition Instructions for State Agencies
Understanding Disposition Instructions for State Agencies looks at some common instructions for disposing of state agency records when they are no longer useful to the agency’s current operations: destroying them, transferring them to the State Records Center (for eventual destruction or transfer to the State Archives of North Carolina), or retaining them in office permanently. Total run time: 4:18.
Public Records & Confidentiality for Local Governments in North Carolina
This two-part online video discusses state laws and statutes which exempt public records from public inspection. Using records that are commonly found in local government offices, it examines how a record’s location in your office’s organizational structure can affect its confidentiality, and how some laws allow you to release confidential information while others do not. Total run time: 14:18.
Public Records & Confidentiality for Local Governments in North Carolina: Part 1 (YouTube Video)
Public Records & Confidentiality for Local Governments in North Carolina: Part 2 (YouTube video)
Microfilming Minutes
This two-part video introduces local government agencies to the State Archives of North Carolina’s minutes microfilming program. Through this program, the State Archives creates and stores preservation security duplicates of the meeting minutes of local government’s major decision-making boards. Part 1 briefly covers the legal and economic framework of the program. Part 2 explains step-by-step how to prepare and submit original meeting minute books and/or paper copies for microfilming. Total run time: 8:21.
Microfilming Minutes: Part 1 (YouTube Video)
Microfilming Minutes: Part 2 (YouTube video)