NC Senate Session Recordings

Every day, contact with state agency archival records teaches me something new. Yesterday was all about the Dictaphone, a refrigerator-sized machine which State Records Center staff received from the General Assembly on Wednesday :

Loading up the Dictaphone

Loading up the Dictaphone

Why the Dictaphone? Well, if you are a researcher interested in the recorded sessions of the North Carolina Senate, you might turn to the State Archives catalog to see what we have:

MARS catalog record for Senate Session Recordings

MARS catalog record for Senate Session Recordings (click image for full-screen view)

From the catalog record, we can see that the State Archives has recordings of North Carolina Senate Legislative sessions from 1977; 1979-2002 recorded on various media, including Dictaphone recordings (1993-2002). Jim Willard from Historic Sites and Mathew Waehner from the Collections Management Branch have been using their awesome audio-visual tech knowledge to test the machine. A big thanks goes to them and the Carl Johnson, Anthony Peterson, and Derrick Evans of the State Agency Services Unit for their coordinated efforts in making these records accessible.

If this records series is of interest to you, check out the 2006 and 2007 recordings on the Internet Archive.