New Website for Division of Archives and Records

The new website for the State Archives of North Carolina is now online. The new address is Many of the readers of GS 132 Files most often accessed the Government Records Branch website, that new website is available under the yellow “For Government” tab here.

Under that tab you can find state and local government retention schedules, guidelines and best practices, and information about our services. Here are links to some of the frequently visited sections of the Government Records Branch section of the new website:

Laws and Guidelines

Local Government Records Retention Schedules  (Under Retention Schedules)

State Agency Records Retention Schedules (Under Retention Schedules)

University Records Retention Schedules (Under Retention Schedules)

State Records Center

Staff Contact Information (Under Retention Schedules – Local and Retention Schedules – State)

For now, the old website address redirects to the new website, but that won’t go on forever, so please update your bookmarks to the new website now.