New County Tax Administration Schedule Published

The Division of Archives and Records has published a new version of the County Tax Administration Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, which can be found on our website at this link.  The County Tax schedule covers records common to all local government offices, as well as program records which are generated specifically by County Tax offices.

The new schedule  will  need to be adopted by the County Board of Commissioners in an open meeting, and signed by the appropriate people on the signature page (page i, or the third actual page).  Signing this page gives you the legal permission of the Department of Cultural Resources to destroy the items on the schedule according to the time periods designated.  Please send a copy of the completed signature page to our office, via email or fax (919-715-3627), for our records.

The new schedule incorporates the amendments made to the 2004 schedule in 2008, and introduces several updates of its own.  GIS records are now included in the schedule, as well as certain business taxes that were authorized by the legislature after the most recent amendment.  Additionally, IT records have been consolidated, and personnel records updtaed, to reflect recent recordkeeping and statutory changes.

Be sure to review the changed language on the signature page for information about the changes to “administrative value.” Please also see Carie Chesarino’s previous posts about the new administrative value policy and adoption of the schedule.

If you have any questions about this, or need a copy of the schedule with all the changes highlighted, please contact one of the Local Records Management Analysts.