Pending Public Records Bills

In case you missed it, Frayda Bluestein of UNC School of Government did a blog post last month about pending bills in the North Carolina General Assembly that deal with public records. Frayda also explores the implications of the proposed (but not yet passed) Senate Bill 617, which would allow public agencies to charge for personnel costs incurred in making copies in response to a public records request.

Also of interest to readers of this blog is House Bill 870, which would require the audio or video recording of closed sessions of public meetings. According to the current version of the bill, recordings of closed sessions that become eligible for public inspection must be retained for at least two years from the date of the public release of the recording. This bill has passed the House and moved to the Senate.

Keep your eye on this blog for updates on these bills. I’m sure Frayda and the folks at the SOG will be monitoring their progress, as do many of our professional organizations.

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