New County Management Retention Schedule Published

The Division of Archives and Records has published a new County Management Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. It is available on our website from this page.  The County Management Schedule covers many county government functions such as administration, personnel, budget and fiscal, code enforcement and inspection, and planning and zoning. Some county departments such as the Health Department, County Sheriff, and Registers of Deeds have their own schedules. If you’re in County Government and unsure which schedule you should be using, please contact a Local Records Analyst.

This new schedule needs to be adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in an open meeting and signed by the appropriate people on the signature page (third page of the schedule). Please send a copy of the completed signature page to our office for our records.

This edition of the Retention and Disposition Schedule is greatly improved over the previous schedule. We have deleted some items, combined others, and added other items. We have also clarified some item descriptions and disposition instructions.

Be sure to review the changed language on the signature page. Please see Carie Chesarino’s previous posts about the new administrative value policy and adoption of the schedule.

If you have any questions about this, or need a copy of the schedule with all the changes highlighted, please contact me, Carie Chesarino, Emily Hanna, or Jason Woolf.