State Agency Employees: Have Workshops, Will Travel

Do some of the employees in your agency need training in the state’s records management program, but are so overburdened with work that they can’t spare the time to travel over to the State Records Center for the classes? Well, there is a simple solution to this problem – have the training presented in your office! It will be convenient because the attendees just have to walk down the hall and five minutes after the presentation has been completed, they are back working at their desks.

Additionally, hosting the workshops in your office will enable the people to be in a group where they know everyone, which will be lead to more active participation and offer a good forum for problem solving records management issues in the office. The workshop instructors will be happy to assist your office in finding a solution to any difficulties you may be having managing the paper and electronic records in your office. This interaction will pave the way for more efficient and economical management of the public records in the custody of your office.

The Division of Archives and Records, Government Records is ready, willing, and able to assist state agency employees in the management of your public records and we’ll come to you. To see what workshops are offered and a description of each workshop go to and select the presentations that would benefit your office; then contact Government Records at (919) 807-7350 and ask for the analyst assigned to your state agency.

We look forward to coming to your office and sharing our knowledge of records management with your employees.