Local Records Unit Workshop “Tour” Concludes

Over the past two and a half months, the Local Records Unit in Raleigh has been putting on regional workshops on public records throughout the eastern half of the state.  Our last workshop in 2012 was held this past Tuesday, October 30, in Jacksonville.  This brings our total number of workshops for this “tour” to ten.

During these past ten workshops, Carie Chesarino, Tom Vincent, and I clocked in over 2000 miles’ worth of travel in the Records Center van, sampled all manner of cafes (courthouse and otherwise), and, most importantly, provided 299 local government employees with public records training in a location that was convenient to them.  We really appreciate everyone who took advantage of these opportunities, and would especially like to thank all the clerks and other local government workers who helpfully provided us with workshop locations.

Of course, the traveling portion of our jobs is never over: Western Regional Analyst Jason Woolf has two regional workshops planned in November, and we already have five workshops requested by professional organizations, counties, and municipalities scheduled over the next two months.  This doesn’t include in-person consultations, or records being picked up for transfer to the archives!

As always, if you’re interested in having someone from the Local Records Unit travel to you and speak to you or your office, please get in touch with any one of us.  Our contact information is here.  We also plan on doing another “tour” of workshops open to all local government employees sometime in the late winter or early spring.  If you would like us to hold a regional workshop at your location, please email me at emily.hanna@ncdcr.gov.