Western Office of Archives and History

Western Office

Greetings from the Western Office of Archives and History! Many of you already know that I am the Local Records Analyst that covers the western part of the state. If you are located along or to the west of the I-77 corridor, then I am your go to person for all of your Records Management, Public Records and Retention Schedule questions and needs.

In addition to the Government Records Branch, the Western Office also offers a number of services that you might be interested.

Our most recent addition is the Western Regional Archives which is administered by archivist Heather South. Collections found at the WRA include; Black Mountain College Papers and private collections related to the college, the Blue Ridge Parkway Photograph Collection, the Appalachian National Park Association Papers, and some microfilmed western county records. To find out more, contact Heather South via phone at (828) 296-7230, ext. 240, or by e-mail at heather.south@ncdcr.gov.

The Western Office is also the one stop shop for those interested in Historic Preservation. Preservation Specialist, Annie McDonald, represents the Survey and Planning Branch and can assist those interested in the National Register of Historic Places and the statewide historic build survey. Annie can be reached at annie.mcdonald@ncdcr.gov or (828) 296-7230 ext. 223.

Also with the State Historic Preservation Office is Jennifer Cathey. Jennifer is a Restoration Specialist and can provide technical assistance to architectural conservation of historic buildings and properties in the region. Jennifer assists both municipal and county governments as well as individuals and organizations. For further information contact Jennifer at jennifer.cathey@ncdcr.gov or (828) 296-7230 ext. 227.

The Office of State Archaeology is represented by Linda Hall. Linda and her office provide archaeological resource protection, regulatory compliance review as well education and technical assistance. Linda can be reached at linda.hall@ncdcr.gov or (828) 296-7230 ext. 225.

Finally, many of you will no doubt remember, Jeff Futch, who previously held my position for many years. Jeff is now the Western Office Regional Supervisor and as part of his duties, he assists local museums and historical societies with technical and administrative support and guidance. You can contact Jeff at jeff.futch@ncdcr.gov or (828) 296-7230 ext. 222.

So there you have a brief tour of the Western Office. We are open to the public Monday through Friday, so feel free to drop by and tour our wonderfully restored historic building, which was formerly a VA nurse’s dormitory. Additionally, we have a couple of meeting spaces that are available for use by local and state government groups as well as by non-profit organizations. We are conveniently located in East Asheville at:

176 Riceville Road

Asheville, North Carolina 28805