Moving to a New Courthouse? We can help! (Part 1)

One of my favorite aspects of working in Government Records is that one day is rarely like the next. This is in large part because we offer such a varied range of services to local government agencies. For instance, we collect pre-court reform (circa mid-1950s) civil and criminal actions and special proceedings. Per the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, these are permanent records that can be transferred to the State Archives of North Carolina. If you work in one of these courthouses, you probably already know that, but did you also know that if you want these records transferred, that we will come out, box the records up, and take them back to Raleigh for you? Let me show you the process:

Shuck Buckets

Durham County Courthouse criminal and civil actions

The Local Records Unit recently went to the Durham County Courthouse to identify, box, and transfer the pre-court reform criminal and civil actions that were still under the county’s custody. Our contacts at the courthouse explained how the records were labeled and what we should expect to find. Then we took it from there.

Local Records Archivist extraordinaire, Francesca Perez, and I (Carie) quickly arranging the criminal actions in chronological order for fast packing.

We brought plenty of boxes, markers, and energy for three days of identifying, packing, and labeling archival records. We ended up with roughly 200 boxes to haul away.


Archivists Francesca and Kermit hand boxes to Thomas who palletized them to keep them secured for the trip back to Raleigh.

The Durham County Courthouse folks are in the process of moving to a new building. The custodians of these criminal and civil actions realized that it would be a better use of their time and space to have their archival records transferred to the State Archives of North Carolina rather than having to move all these boxes themselves to a new courthouse, only to have to eventually transfer them to the archives anyway. This is not uncommon for us and we are happy to help! In future posts, I’ll show you what happens to these records after we put them in the truck and drive away. Stay tuned!



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