Big City or Small Town: Local Records Unit is There

Photo by Tom Vincent.

I’ve spent some time on this blog talking about the Local Records Unit and our travels around the state where we present workshops for crowds of up 75 or 100 people. We really enjoy giving regional workshops and meeting people from all over the state, but also provide assistance on a much smaller scale.

Earlier this week three Analysts from the Local Records Unit spent a very productive two and a half hours with two staff members from a town with a population of less than 200 people. We were able to help them with very specific questions and view their records storage situation. It was our second recent visit to a records storage facility and in b0th cases we were quickly able to identify records overdue for destruction.

While we can’t visit every town in North Carolina and clean out your records room, schedule permitting, we are happy to visit, answer your questions, and get you started on identifying records due for destruction. Contact any of the Local Records Analysts and as scheduling and staffing levels permit, we’ll do what we can to help. There is no charge for our services, but local restaurant recommendations are appreciated!