Celebrate 10.10.2012 Electronic Records Day!

The Council of State Archivists declared 10.10.12 Electronic Records Day! To celebrate, we would like to highlight for you some of the initiatives the State Archives of North Carolina has undertaken to manage and preserve the valuable electronic records of the state of North Carolina and to provide access to those records on-line as well as upon request.

  • North Carolina State Government Website Archives (www.webarchives.ncdcr.gov) is a collection of state government websites and social media accounts dating back to 1996.
  • Geospatial Data—GeoMAPP was a federally funded effort to identify, transfer, and preserve important Geospatial information. The grant ran from 2008-2011. You can learn more about it at www.geomapp.com Also, you can find some preserved geospatial information in our digital collections at http://digital.ncdcr.gov/cdm4/index.php under the “Maps” collection.
  • The Email Collection and Preservation Tool—a tool built to normalize email files from a proprietary format to Xtensible Markup Language (XML). This allows the email to exist outside of the email system and provide for better search potentiality. http://www.records.ncdcr.gov/EmailPreservation/default.htm

But, we also want to make sure that we provide guidance and best practices to record creators and record keepers. Accordingly, we developed a number of resources including:

  • On-line tutorials—www.records.ncdcr.gov
  • Trustworthy Data Transfer documentation and tutorials—www.records.ncdcr.gov/erecords
  • Guidelines and best practices for File naming, Trustworthy Records,  E-mail, Imaging, Web Site Archiving, and Digital Preservation—www.records.ncdcr.gov/erecords

And, if you have further questions, please visit our website devoted to digital preservation at www.digitalpreservation.ncdcr.gov

It is aimed at people at all levels. So, if you are new to digital preservation or you’ve been here a while and have a new question, please visit.

On Wednesday, 10.10.2012, we will provide some quick handouts for you to use to make your data “preservation and access” ready!


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