“Essential to Anyone Working in Local Government”

If you’ve been following the goings-on of the Local Records Unit on this blog, or, if you’ve tried to get in touch with one of us and received an “out of the office” message, you’re probably aware that we’ve been taking our three-hour workshop on Managing Public Records on the road for the past month.

Emily and Carie at the Museum of the Albemarle

Half of the Local Records Unit at the Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City. From left to right, Emily Hanna, Carolyn Chesarino, and the Government Records Van.

Reading the evaluations after each of these workshops can feel a bit like a television ad for a recently released movie: 

Well spent 2½ hours.  Good job!

Very worthwhile and beneficial.

For anyone who is the sole person responsible for their office […] this workshop is indispensible.

This isn’t to say that we don’t receive any criticism: in fact, constructive criticism is what drives the improvements we make to our workshops each year. Still, it’s comforting to hear that our workshops are functioning as the public service we intend them to be.

For those who are wondering where, exactly, we’ve been most recently, on the 6th we visited the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City and gave a workshop to fifteen participants.  The next week, we were in Greenville on Tuesday and Wilmington on Thursday.  Most recently, we visited Fayetteville this past Thursday, September 20.  We are very nearly done with our current “tour” in the eastern portion of the state.

Our final stop is at the Newton Expo on September 26, this coming Wednesday.  We are still taking registrations (and will accept walk-ins), so if you are interested, please attend!

Carie presenting in Greenville

Local Records Analyst Carolyn Chesarino explains the retention schedule in Greenville

For those of you in the western part of the state, don’t feel neglected by all this activity down east: Western Regional Analyst Jason Woolf is giving a set of workshops within the area of North Carolina west of I-77 during the months of October and November.  For more information on these workshops, check out his announcing post here.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we are planning three  more workshops in the east during October.  Watch this blog for more details, once all of the plans have been finalized.  If  you’ve attended one of these workshops and you found it beneficial, please recommend to your colleagues “Managing Public Records: in 3-D,” coming to a government center near you!