Youtube Tutorial: Transfering Electronic Public Records with Bagger Tool

Bagger Youtube Tutorial screenshot

Bagger Youtube 3-Part Tutorial

Check out our new tutorials on transferring electronic public records to the State Archives using Bagger, the file authentication tool. Bagger is a user-friendly tool developed by the Library of Congress that allows you to package files, transfer them across media, and document that the files were transferred without any alterations or errors. Such a tool is important in establishing the authenticity of public records. Although the videos are focused on the use of Bagger when transferring records to the State Archives of North Carolina, your own office may also find the tool useful for internal purposes. The Library of Congress has made Bagger available for download from Sourceforge here:

Bagger authenticates the transfer of files by creating a digital fingerprint of your files before and after they are transferred. This fingerprint is known as a checksum hash, and has been used in the computing world for a long time to verify files. An added bonus of the Bagger tool is that you get a list of your files’ “fingerprints,” allowing you to document their authenticity over long periods of time.