N.C. Digital Government Summit 2012

My name is Al Hargrove and I’m a records management analyst in the Division of Archives and Records, Government Records. I recently had the good fortune of attending the annual N.C. Digital Government Summit, which was held in Raleigh during the last week of August.

The two keynote speakers, Tim Gard and Jefferson “Beak” Howell, spoke about the importance of humor in human relations and lessons in leadership using “Beak’s Rules”. Both talks were well received by the attendees and offered a contrast to the topics discussed in the concurrent sessions, which centered around IT issues facing state and local government. 

Two of the sessions that I attended focused on cloud computing. The session on cloud hybrids was devoted to the public and private clouds and the advantages of both these clouds. Several government agencies are using the best of both worlds and this session explored the advantages of utilizing both private and public clouds. It’s an interesting concept and I encourage government agencies to look at the possibility of mixing cloud resources in order to achieve a more secure and economical way of storing their digital records. The other session dealt with redefining cloud computing. Essentially, it concerned what governments are currently using cloud computing for in their daily operations. The two presenters explained cloud computing and gave some idea of where it might be headed. 

To access our guidance document on cloud computing go to:


The 2012 version of the Digital Government Summit was one of the best conferences that I have attended and I strongly encourage my fellow state government employees to consider attending  next year’s summit.