Records Received in August

As I have discussed in a previous blog post about being a Local Records Archivist, I go out and collect permanent original county records. The Local Records unit has been busy bringing county records from Cherokee, Harnett, and Davie. I collected records from Harnett and Davie Counties. The Cherokee County records were collected by Jason Wolfe and another employee from the Western Office. The Cherokee and Harnett records were from the Clerk of Court Offices. The Davie County records were from the Davie County Library.

The records are unprocessed (un-worked) and  are not available on Saturdays.  Requests for some unprocessed records may take longer to fulfill because of the arrangement of records in the boxes.  For example, the Cherokee County records have various series in one box. We do our best to keep the  original arrangement of the county.

Here is a list of records from the various counties:

Harnett County:

Tax Judgments, #A1-A2423, 1929-1968 (19 cartons)
Divorce & Non-support, #1306-3762, 1964-1967 (7 Cartons)
Divorce & Non-support, # 3766-3881, 1968; Lunacy /VA hospital, 1940s-1960; Oaths & commission, Notary/Public Justice of Peace, 1950s (1 carton)
Criminal actions, Superior Court, Recorder’s Court (Murder & Misc.), no file #, # 1353-6397, 1918-1935 (7 cartons)
Criminal actions, Superior Court, Recorder’s Court (Murder & Misc.), # 6399-6462, 1967-1968; Misc. Recorder’s Court, # 222-7246, 1939-1950; Misc. Criminal actions, Superior Court, #634-2365, 1936-1956 (1 carton)
Record of Elections, 1936-1968 (3 volumes)
Optometrists Certificates, 1909-1966 (1 volume)
Dentist Certificate Registration, 1919-1968 (1 volume)
Physicians/Surgeons Certificates, 1920-1977 (1 volume)
Nurse Certificate, 1968 (1 volume)
Record of Permits for Purchase of Concealed Weapons, 1920-1955 (1 volume)
Trust Book, 1957-1968 (1 volume)
Poll Books/Registration Books, 1902-1918 (42 books)

Cherokee County:

Civil Actions, Estates, SP, Odgenetal Oaths, 1852, 114, 118; 1900-1914
Civil Actions, SP, Estate file 132; 1891-1929
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, file 123, old files, Trans; 1914-1923
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1909-1936
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1930-1935
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1916-1934
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, road records; 1873-1946
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, file 273, 291; 1921-1938
Election Records
Criminal Actions, 1890-1920
Criminal Actions, 1918-1934
Criminal Action – Juvenile, State Hospital Case; 1920-1966
Wills, 1945-1964
Tax Suits, Bonds, Oaths, Wills, Criminal Case; 1934-1965
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1935-1946
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1938-1944
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, Criminal Action; 1934-1940
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1938-1947
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1930-1950
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, Merchant Manufactures Bank; 1936-1950
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1938-1952
Civil Actions, SP, Estates; 1931-1953
Civil Actions, SP, Estates, Bank of Murphy; 1933-1945

Davie County:

General Registration Books, 1956-1974 (23 volumes)


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