State Government Web Archive

Did you know that state agency websites and social media are being archived? In fact, the Department of Cultural Resources (DCR) has been archiving websites of state agencies, occupational licensing boards, and commissions since 2005. In 2009, we also began archiving social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr.

What’s more–the archived sites are available online right now. Why not take a look?

To provide this service, DCR has teamed up with the Internet Archive, which has been archiving the web since 1996. You’ll find some sites in the database that go back all the way to the first years the Internet Archive was crawling the web.

Help us!

Do you know of a state government site we’re missing? Let us know! We try to include all state government sites, but we rely on you to let us know when new sites are created. If there is a site you think is missing, fill out the form below to let us know.

(Please note: Currently, we do not actively collect the websites of local governments. However, we don’t block them, either, so you may see portions of local government sites in the archive.)