It’s What We Do: SRC Reference Work

Jack is one of our staff of the State Records Center. On a recent day, he worked on reference requests. Every day, agencies need to have records pulled from storage. Jack is one of our staff that will visit our three facilities to find and retrieve those records. On one day, he was retrieving requests for:

  • District Reports from the office of Alcohol Law Enforcement
  • Providers Closed Case Files from the Division of Medical Assistance
  • mental health case files
  • personnel records

Lee receives the requests in the Records Center office (919-807-7370), and searches our database (called FAIDS) for the records. He then provides the request and location to Jack, who will go to the shelf to find the requested file. Jack will leave a copy of the request in the box in place of the file. That later serves as a signpost if the same file is either returned by the office, or requested again. The file then goes back to Lee, who notifies the requester that it’s ready. In-town offices will then need to come to the SRC to pick up the file.

While the process does take some time (one facility is two miles away), we can fill rush requests at any time during the business day. Call our office and explain what you need, and the chances are good that the file will be ready for you when you arrive.