Using personal devices for state-related work

If you send a work-related message using text messaging on your cell phone or use a home computer to perform work, you should be aware that you may have created public records. The definition of public records in G.S. 132 does not distinguish between documents sent from a state-owned device (like your office computer or a state-issued blackberry) and a non-state owned device. So these work-related messages or work-related documents (“made or received pursuant to law or ordinance in connection with the transaction of public business”—G.S. 132-1a) need to be retained in accordance with your agency’s program record retention schedule or the General Schedule for State Agency Records. And thus you should forward any such messages or documents to your office email or work computer so they can be managed appropriately by you and backed-up by your agency IT or ITS . For further information about the public records laws and guidelines check our Government Records Website at