State Agency and University Records Unit Description

Welcome to the G.S. 132 Blog from the State Agency and University Records Unit of Government Records. I am Ronald Leach, Records Management Analyst Unit Supervisor and my staff includes Al Hargrove and Mark Holland, both of whom are Records Management Analysts. Our Unit’s main function is to work with state agencies (and the UNC System) to ensure that they are managing their records and recordkeeping in accordance with statutory mandates and good records management practices. Two key state law–G.S. 132—the Public Records Law and G.S. 121-Archives and History Act– mandate that state agencies maintain records retention and disposition schedules for their records that they create or receive. And as the law does not differentiate between formats of records, the requirements to have records retention schedules applies to records in electronic format (for example, email, word documents, databases, etc.) or paper or microfilm or other format. For it is only pursuant to such records retention schedules or other agreements with the Department of Cultural Resources that the public records created or received by state agencies may be lawfully destroyed. We provide assistance in creating these records retention schedules and determining with the assistance of the state agency the length of time the agency’s records should be retained. We also provide training through a variety of workshops dealing with managing state agency records and direct consultation on issues that a state agency is facing regarding its records-keeping responsibilities.  Please check out our website at  where you will find a wealth of information on the public records law and other guidelines and tutorials to help you learn more about what our Unit and the other units of Government Records and Electronic Records can do for you.