Introducing the Local Records Unit

This blog post presented by Tom Vincent, Local Records Unit Supervisor.

North Carolina General Statute 121-5(c) instructs the Department of Cultural Resources to “…give advice and assistance to public officials and agencies in regard to preserving or disposing of the public records in their custody.” The Local Records Unit of the Government Records Branch is tasked with helping local government officials and employees manage, preserve, and destroy their public records. This unit consists of three Records Management Analysts, three Archivists, and a Supervisor.

The Records Management Analysts of the Local Records Unit write Records Retention and Disposition Schedules for local governments. These schedules list records commonly found in county and municipal offices and give the minimum amount of time these records must be maintained by the office. The Analysts also provide training on Public Records Law, the Records Retention Schedules, electronic records, and email. We offer workshops at the Government Records Center in Raleigh and are happy to travel to your location to consult with a small group, offer a workshop to your staff or department, or present a regional workshop open to people in surrounding counties. During fiscal year 2011-2012, the Local Records Unit answered over 1500 inquiries concerning Public Records Law, management of electronic records and email, and records disposition and destruction. We also presented fifty-one workshops to over 1600 participants.

The Archivists on the Local Records Unit staff appraise, collect, arrange and make accessible the permanently valuable county records. These records are usually collected from County Clerks of Superior Court and County Registers of Deeds. Other county and municipal records are very rarely collected by the State Archives of North Carolina. During fiscal year 2011-2012 the Archivists of the Local Records Unit collected 599 cubic feet of permanent records from County Courthouses and Registers of Deeds Offices.

Contact info:

Tom Vincent, Local Records Unit Supervisor


Carie Chesarino, Local Records Management Analyst


Emily Hanna, Local Records Management Analyst


Jason Woolf, Local Records Management Analyst (Asheville Office)

828-296-7230 x224

Francesca Perez, Local Records Archivist


Angie Johnson, Local Records Archivist


Kermit Siler, Local Records Archivist



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