The State Agency Services Unit

I am Laura Hensey, the supervisor of State Agency Services. I have been employed with Government Records since 1997, working as both a records manager and an archivist.

“State Agency Services” is an office title only a bureaucrat could love. What in the world does it mean? The staff of State Agency Services work in two groups.

The State Records Center has six staff. They are responsible for working with state government agencies, and helping them to:

  • Collect records that are ready to be moved to off-site storage (transfers)
  • Retrieve records from storage that are needed again (requests)
  • Returning records to storage after a temporary use (refiles)
  • Adding records to storage that missed the initial transfer (inter-files)
  • Destroying records that have met their retention requirements (destructions)

The Arrangement and Description staff are three professional archivists. One archivist works exclusively with the records of the Governors of North Carolina, going back to the colonial era. Two archivists work on the records of all of the rest of state government, from prisons to museums, from cases before the Supreme Court to lists of high school graduates. To search for records of state agencies that are available for research, see the State Archives’ online catalog, MARS.

From time to time, we’ll check in with one of these folks to see what tasks they’re accomplishing.

You’ll begin to see just what we do.


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